Cara-M&S Experts Limited is a International Import & Export agency, connecting our clients to the global network of producers and distributors around the world.

Our business operates with two fundamental principle, competitiveness, and reliability.

Some of the product and services that our company offers,

  • Medical and Personal Protective Equipment
    • Masks (3M, FFP2, FFP3, Surgical Masks, Disposable Masks, Re-usable Face Masks, Face Shields…)
    • Medical Clothing (Full Body Suits, SMS Gowns, Semi and Fully reinforced SMS Gowns ….)
    • Gloves (VGloves, NGloves, SkyMed, Intco ….)
    • Disinfectant (Sanitiser Gel and solutions, Sanitiser Towels, Sanitiser Machine ….)
  • Industrial Machinery (Press-Break, Turning Machine, Milling Machine etc.)
  • Farm Machinery (Electric Tractor -coming soon…, Electric Excavator-coming soon….)
  • Building Supplies (Tiles, Cement, Timber, Flooring ….)
  • Automotive (windscreen, parts…)
  • Glass products (Structural Glass, Safety Glass, Industrial Glass…)
  • Mobile Telecom Products.

All products that within our portfolio are certified with internationally recognised certification bodies such as CE, FDA etc.

Payment terms may vary according to supplier, distributor or manufacturers terms and conditions. If you have an interest on any of the products listed or wish to inquire about a new product or services that we can provide, please give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

If you wish to contact us with your inquiry, please visit our Contact Us page and fill out our inquiry form or you can call or email us, using one of our contact details that are displayed at the bottom of our website.